Best Websites with Online Courses for Students

Not all Internet users see the classic student auditorium as an ideal place to study. Many people prefer a distance education, and there are strong arguments in favor of this.

  • Firstly, it saves time due to the lack of a road to the place of study.
  • Secondly, online platforms provide access to video lectures around the clock, which allows you to adjust the schedule of lessons to your own lifestyle.
  • Thirdly, most electronic educational sites do not set age limits for their clients.

What sites do users mention among the best for online learning?


The motto of this site is real knowledge from real specialists. The portal helps students move forward and is created for those who need to improve their skills and knowledge in a new industry.

Those who register on have access to high-quality video courses that can be filtered by category (areas of interest), teachers, and keywords. You can study on Udemy in any specialty and skill:

  • Business;
  • Construction;
  • Languages;
  • Music;
  • Even handicrafts.

The entrance to the website of the remote university is possible from any device. Graduates are issued a certificate that is quoted all over the world.

The best experts, the most popular New York Times authors, corporate executives, celebrities, and Ivy League professors share their knowledge in the lessons of this school. The portal offers both paid and free video classes.

Khan Academy

The project offers free videos and hands-on exercises to help Internet users learn math, chemistry, physics, history, programming, and other in-demand disciplines.

The materials are relevant as auxiliary tools for consolidating school knowledge, while the students of the Khan Academy themselves, as well as with the participation of parents and teachers, determine the pace of study and the topics of the lessons.

However, the audience of fans of the educational platform seems young only at first glance since the resource’s collection of reviews contains messages even from 70-year-old users.


The educational platform, founded by former Stanford University professor Sebastian Thrun, has 14 classes, over 750,000 students, and allows you to choose the required free online courses.

The Udacity project focuses on technology, engineering, mathematics, and business. The project has partnered with industry leaders such as Google, NVIDIA, Microsoft, Autodesk and offers online classes that are not readily available in conventional educational institutions.


This platform offers distance learning based on the programs of the world’s leading universities. Here you can listen to lectures by eminent professors in biology, management, computer science, economics, medicine, sociology, design, law, music, mathematics, video and audio engineering, and many other disciplines for free.

Here, everyone learns on their own schedule, completing hundreds of interactive assignments and testing their knowledge. The courses at Coursera are aimed at fast and effective memorization and assimilation of the material.

Video lectures are developed on the basis of the most modern technologies and various research in the field of pedagogy. Such universities as Brown, Columbia, Ohio, Princeton, Stanford, Toronto, Michigan, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Berkeley College of Music provided their lessons.